Winter scoop (Agrotis (Scotia) segetum)
The wingspan of the butterfly is 34 ... 45 mm, the front wings are brown or almost black, the kidney-shaped, round and wedge-shaped spots are surrounded by a dark border, the rear ones are light gray or almost white with a thin dark decoration on the outer edge, the antennae of females are brush-shaped, and the antennae of males are comb-shaped . The egg is light yellow, 0.5 ... 0.6 mm in diameter, with 44 ... 47 radial ribs. The caterpillar is up to 52 mm long, earthy gray, sometimes slightly greenish, with an oily sheen, two converging dark stripes on top, the frontal sutures converge in the occipital opening. It takes 6 ages in development. The pupa is 16 ... 20 mm long, reddish-brown, with two spines on the last segment of the abdomen.

Damages more than 140 types of plants, most severely - winter rye and wheat, potatoes, beets, cabbage, tobacco, melon crops.

Caterpillars eat germinating seeds and gnaw through the stems of cereal seedlings, eat the roots of beet seedlings, on row crops and vegetables, they often gnaw holes in the leaves of young plants, or eat them completely.