About the company "Biotech"

The limited liability company "Center of Innovative Biotechnologies "Biotech" was created by combining the vast knowledge and many years of successful practice of Andriy Semenovych Grechany.

Andriy Semenovych Grechany graduated with honors from the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (UASGN), which was the highest scientific institution of agriculture in the Ukrainian SSR. He has been successfully practicing the use of biomethods for the protection of agricultural plants for 25 years.

One of the main activities of the society is the cultivation of a useful entomophagous insect - Trichograma

We grow two main types of trichogram:

TRICHOGRAM EVANESCENS (Trichogramma evanescens) - adapted to field biocenoses, herbaceous vegetation, bred from the eggs of the scoop and stem butterfly, which destroys about 150 species of insects, but prefers scoops, stem and meadow butterflies.

TRICHOGRAMA PINTOI (Trichogramma Pintoi) - adapted to field biocenoses, is used on low-growing agricultural crops (sunflower, millet, peas), as well as on fields for sowing arable crops.

All products manufactured by the company have all relevant quality certificates.

Currently, the portfolio of Biotech LLC includes up to 100 large-scale successfully fulfilled contractual obligations. From year to year, there is a positive trend in increasing the company's production capabilities.

- The company's material and technical base meets international standards.
-Employees of the company have appropriate education and necessary work experience in the field of biological plant protection.
-Experience – includes hundreds of successfully fulfilled contractual obligations.
- We cooperate with Airlines that have all the necessary documents for flight operations.

To date, the Limited Liability Company "Center of Innovative Biotechnologies "Biotech" unites a full production cycle within the walls of its workshops and fully organizes the process of using the useful entomophagous insect - Trichogramma, as the most effective biomethod of plant protection.

The company's activities are carried out using the latest technological developments in the field of bioprotection, based on a scientific approach, according to European principles of cooperation and customer service.

We hope for fruitful long-term cooperation.